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Philoxenia club

Description of the Program Philoxenia Club

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Aegean Speed Lines, whose headquarters are located at Vouliagmenis Avenue 85 & Antheon -16674 Glyfada, has created the Philoxenia Club  a reward Program for Aegean Speed Lines travelers, for their preference on its ships and concerns  provision  of free tickets based on the collection of specific points.



All adults have the right to participate in the program.  Legal entities as well as individual enterprises are excluded from the program. Minor children have also the right to participate, if so asked by the parent/exercising custody – member of Philoxenia Club, under terms and conditions referred to herein.

Program participation is strictly personal and cannot be transferred or assigned from the Member to anyone else.

Passengers, who wish to become members of the Philoxenia Club, should initially fill in the registration form  that is available at  at “Philoxenia Club” section. Attention:  for the proper functioning of the program, passengers should provide accurate personal information during their subscription.

While completing and signing the form, applicants agree to the terms and conditions of the Philoxenia Club Program, as defined by ASL.

Members can print their Philoxenia Club cards directly from their personal  printers, and will henceforth be displayed at the affiliate agencies, every time they issue tickets with A.S.L.

Passengers should always provide their card number while issuing their tickets through any of the sales channel of Aegean Speed Lines (website, affiliate travel agencies, ASL app and automatic issuing –printing machines indicated by ASL).

After embarkation and completion of their travel, Members will collect points – displayed at the chart below -which are respective to the island they travelled.

During travelling, it is passengers’ duty to demonstrate their ticket along with their Philoxenia Club card anytime they are asked to, either by the crew or by any other authorized personnel.

With the completion of specific points, passengers may win free tickets depending on accommodation class and destination.  The level of points that the Philoxenia Club Member has to accumulate in order to win a free ticket is given in the table below:

Points earned by the Member per route (for one route):

Passengers are entitled to earn points only from full fare tickets and all the discounted tickets mentioned in the table above.

In case Members do not redeem their points, even though they still give their cards during issuance, they will keep collecting more points and they will be able to redeem them in the future.



  • Points can only be redeemed for free tickets, they do not have commercial value and in any case they cannot be exchanged with money. Any sale (sale, exchange, etc.) of points or offers is automatically void and results in the expiration of membership and its deletion from the Program registries.
  • Provision of free tickets is subject to the availability for exchangeable seats per itinerary or per periods or per destinations.
  • Free tickets are issued in confirmed seats and they cannot be issued with open date.
  • Delivery of the free tickets is carried out at ASL central offices, always by demonstrating the Philoxenia Club card at least one day before the departure.
  • In case of loss or robbery of the free ticket, Member should declare it to the company. Free ticket that is lost or stolen cannot be reissued.


ASL may cancel the program anytime, provided that has sent a written notice at least one (1) month earlier to the Members.

In the event of bankruptcy, acquisition of a merger or any way of rescission of the ASL, the Program will be automatically void and at the same time the accounts and all the points accumulated by the Members or their minor children, will be canceled. In this case, ASL will have no obligation to the Members, and Members will not have any claims against ASL.

ASL’s responsibility, contractual or non-contractual , against to Members or their minor children from any losses, damages or expenses that may arise from acts or omissions of ASL or its employees during the operation of the Program,  is limited and consists solely in the obligation of ASL to re-credit the account of the Member or its Child with the Miles and Fares that correspond to the specific offer related to the Member always provided that the Program will remain in force at the time of re-credit.

ASL is not responsible for any losses, delays, repayments or indirect damages.

Members are required to inform ASL in writing of any change to their personal data (name, address, etc.).

ASL is not responsible for any loss or damage of the Members or third parties due to false or inaccurate statements of Members’ personal data or to the non record notification of any change to their personal data to ASL.

ASL shall not be liable for any errors, omissions or alterations to the text and content of the terms when printing this form or other relevant forms of the Program or by acts or omissions of third parties – unsubscribed that might be relevant to the Program.

The terms and conditions of the Program and the general legal relationship between ASL and Members is governed by the Greek law. Competent Courts for resolving any disputes arising out of participation in the Program and its implementation are defined by the Courts of Piraeus.



A.S.L. states that the personal data of the passengers and their children collected for the purposes of the Program,  will be recorded and processed by ASL for the purposes of the Program or for statistical and economic purposes or for functional and computerized service purposes , as well as from  collaborative with ASL businesses – providers of any advertising / promotional reasons.

By filling in the electronic application for registration to the Program, passengers are deemed to provide automatically to ASL or the ASL cooperating companies their consent  to the provisions of Law 2472/97 on the use, processing and further promotion of their personal data or their children’s  for the purposes mentioned above.

Members have the right to access their personal data and to inform or to object to the further processing of their data in accordance with the provisions of Law 2472/97, as applicable.