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How to Web Check-in

How to Web Check-in

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Aegean Speed Lines  How to Web Check-in

You can Web Check-in in three simple steps.

Step 1 – Search:

Type your reservation code along with the surname mentioned in the reservation or the phone number you had registered.


web check-in aegean speed lines

Step 2 – Check-in:

Select which tickets you want to check-in, fill in the mobile phone number or e-mail for each one and accept terms and conditions to proceed.


web check-in aegean speed lines

Step 3 – Collect:

In your mobile phone or e-mail (depending on the means you chose in the previous step) you will receive a link in which your electronic ticket / boarding pass will appear.


web check-in aegean speed lines

web check-in aegean speed linesstep3

-stored in your mobile phone or tablet (in PDF), or
-printed at your home printer.