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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions Web Check-in

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When can I Check – in?

You can Check-in since you have completed the online purchase of your tickets through any channel (website, mobile phone application, travel agency) and you have received an online reservation code.

Web Check-in can only be executed at least half an hour before the trip.

You can not Web Check-in once you have received your original coupons in thermal paper, as in this case you have to show the tickets themselves for your boarding.


How many times can I Check-in the same ticket?

There is no limitation.


I have checked-in my ticket and I want to cancel my ticket.

Since you have Checked-in your ticket and you want to cancel it, you should firstly contact the agency through which you purchased your tickets. Alternatively you can also contact Aegean Speed ​​Lines central agencies.

Regarding time limitations or other cancellation restrictions, the Aegean Speed ​​Lines commercial policy applies.

E-Ticket cancellation can only be done by identity verification. In case of direct cancellation by the agent, it is needed to demonstrate your police ID or passport. In case of cancellation via email, the communication should be done via the email address that was used during your online booking.


I have checked-in my ticket but I want to turn it to OPEN.

Once you have checked-in your tickets and you wish to turn them to OPEN (within the time limits and terms defined by Aegean Speed Lines’ commercial policy) you should firstly contact the agency through which the tickets were purchased. Alternatively, you can also contact either our central agencies or Aegean Speed Lines.

While converting an E-ticket to Open, a physical ticket is printed (in thermal paper) with the indication “OPENTICKET” on it, and which you have to collect.

An E-Ticket can be turned to OPEN only by identity verification (ID / Passport). In case of request via email, the communication should be via the email address that was used during your online booking.


I have checked-in my ticket but I wish to change the itinerary.

Once you have checked-in your tickets and you wish to change the itinerary, the above procedure regarding OPEN tickets should be followed. The agency will turn your ticket to OPEN (so a physical ticket is printed with the indication “OPENTICKET”), and then the agency will replace it with a new physical ticket (printed in thermal paper) for the desired route. The agency keeps the OPENTICKET, while you receive the new one.



How is the E-Ticket checked when boarding?

During your embarkation, you must have the 2D Barcode in your mobile / tablet screen available for demonstration. During scanning by the vessel’s officer, please be sure that the entire 2D Barcode is visible on the screen and also that the screen light is turned on. During embarkation you mast also have your police ID or passport or driving licence available for demonstration, as identity verification is carried out.


What is the format of the E-Ticket / boarding pass?


The E-Ticket / boarding pass is as shown in the picture below and indicates:

:Eticket board pass ENG

  • The name of the vessel,
  • The departure port and the port of destination,
  • Date and time of departure,
  • The gate of the departure (only for Piraeus port),
  • The accommodation class and the number of your seat,
  • Gender and passenger type (i.e. Adult, Child, infant),
  • The type of discount (if there is one),
  • The ticket number and reservation number,
  • It also includes a two-dimensional barcode (2D). The last is not like the usual one-dimensional barcodes widely used in product labels. Instead 2D barcodes are more complicated and are consisted of a square pattern. The special scanning devices used during your boarding read these squares and decode them in letters and numbers that compose the electronic display of your E-Ticket.





On my E-Ticket there is the indication “Add to Wallet”. What is it?

“Add to Wallet” refers to the “Apple Wallet” application available in iOS operating system that allows you to store all your electronic tickets in a common place on your iPhone or iPod touch. So the E-Ticket is accessible in the Apple Wallet app at any time without Internet access required.