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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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How do I buy a ticket?

Through AEGEAN SPEED LINES website (click here) by charging any of your VISA, MASTERCARD or  DINERS credit cards, or  Electron Visa and Maestro debit cards. Alternatively, you can contact one of our central agencies. (To find the nearest to you, please click here)

For more information please contact the headquarters of AEGEAN SPEED LINES, at «CITY PLAZA Shopping Mall», Vouliagmeni Avenue 85 and Antheon, 16674, Glyfada. Tel: 210 – 9690950, FAX: 210 – 9690959, e-mail: [email protected]

I have just booked my tickets from the Aegean Speed ​​Lines website. How can I pick up my tickets?

Current legislation sets for safety reasons, for the boarding of all passenger on the vessel, they must hold a thermal printed ticket. Embarkation can not be completed with the A4 booking confirmation paper.  So if the booking is made through our website, you will notice that just before paying, the system asked you to indicate the delivery of the tickets. If you selected:

– “From our central agencies’ then you can pick up your tickets whenever you wish until an hour prior the departure of our central agencies, their contact details can be found here

– «Courier», then the tickets will be delivered to the address you provided. If your reservation total of more than 250 euros, then send the tickets by courier provided free of charge.


I just want information, for example,  I want to know the price of the ticket.

You can contact, AEGEAN SPEED LINES call center (+30 210 9690950, daily from 08:00 am to 8:00 pm).  Alternatively, you can contact one of the central agencies of AEGEAN SPEED LINES or your travel agent. You can also access this information at our website, you will find details on the pricing of our services.

How can I be informed of the current special offers and discounts has the Aegean Speed ​​Lines?

Visit our website, where you can  inquire about all current offers, or phone us on +30 210 9690950 daily from 08:00 am to 8:00 pm, or contact  your  travel agent. For any assistance or question please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]

What do I do,  if I need to change my tickets?

If you wish to travel on another day, then you should contact the agency that issued the ticket (or any central agency of AEGEAN SPEED LINES) no later than 4 hours prior your trip, and you can change your reservation (upon availability) without any charge.

If you can not travel and do not know the exact new date of your trip, you can “open” your ticket. This means that your ticket remains active for one year from the original day of issue and can be replaced for any destination of AEGEAN SPEED LINES, if there are seats available. In this case you will be charged the difference of the price if your new destination is more expensive than the initial value of the ‘open’ one. Remember though, that to make the tickets ‘open’ you should contact the agency that issued the ticket (or any central agency of AEGEAN SPEED LINES) no later than 4 hours prior your original trip.

If however, you should abort your trip, then you can cancel your tickets as follow:

• Up to 14 days before departure, you will receive 100% refund of the fare.

• Up to 7 days before departure, you will receive 75% refund of the fare.

• Up to 12 hours before departure, you will receive 50% refund of the fare.

• For cancellations made in less than 12 hours before departure, tickets are not  refunded.

Remember that, any cancellation requires you to hold  the initial tickets.

I can not find my tickets. What do I do?

In case of lost tickets, the company should certainly be informed prior the departure by phone or e-mail, and an affirmation of the passenger should  be completed for the loss. If you contact an agency, the agency shall contact the company, before the vessel’s sailing. In any case, for boarding the vessel, you must issue new tickets and pay the price.

In a period of 30 days after your trip, and if your initial tickets are not registered as enbarked by anyone, AEGEAN SPEED LINES will pay you back  a full refund of the value of the lost ticket.

The above procedure will not apply if  AEGEAN SPEED LINES has been informed after your departure.

Do I qualify for a discount on my ticket?

To determine this, please visit the “Commercial Policy” at the category “Information” (click here) on the existing site or contact your travel agency.

What time should I arrive at the port?

For reasons of your safety and best service, you should be at the port one hour prior the scheduled departure. In any need, our shore staff and crew, will always remain at your disposal.

Can I  travel along with my pet?

It is our pleasure to welcome you onboard along with your pet. Just be aware that it would necessarily travel on open decks under your personal supervision. If there is availability, you can use one of the kennels provided, free of charge. You should also carry the health book of your animal.