25/05/2020 – Press release: Start of itineraries of HSC SPEEDRUNNER III


Aegean Speed Lines announces the launch of HSC SPEEDRUNNER III itineraries on the Western Cyclades line on June 5, 2020. The ship will travel with a reduced passenger protocol and it is fully complied with the protection measures and protocols against covid-19 which have been introduced from EODY.
The itineraries are already posted on the company’s booking and ticketing system and are available to travel agencies. For more information and online ticket issuance visit our page www.aegeanspeedlines.gr.
Glyfada, 25 May 2020
Aegean Speed Lines NE

02/04/2020 – Press release: Modification of tickets cancellation policy


Aegean Speed ​​Lines informs that due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the decision taken by the public authorities of our country to restrict travel, and the subsequent cancellation of our routes for April, combined with the fact that the our offices for safety reasons currently operate with the least personnel , our cancellation policy is modified as from today 02/04/2020.

From now on, all tickets issued for travel within 2020, instead of the cancellation option, will have to be converted into  Open Tickets with the option to be replaced and  used for traveling on any of our routes up to 31/12/2022 at no extra cost to the passenger.

A prerequisite for the above replacement option to be valid, is that tickets must be converted to open prior to the scheduled travel date in 2020.
Let us hope that this difficult situation will come to an end as soon as possible with the least possible consequences for our societies.


24/03/2020 – Press release: Cancellation of the beginning of itineraries on 03/04/2020


Aegean Speed Lines, acting responsibly to the islanders, its crews and the community, announces the obligatory cancellation of the launch of the HSC SPEEDRUNNER III itineraries to the Western Cyclades which was scheduled for 03/04/2020.

The itineraries beginning date will be decided on the basis of the ongoing efforts to control the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.



17/02/2020 – SPEEDRUNNER 3 extra itinerary on 2/5/2020


Aegean Speed Lines informs its passengers that on Saturday 02/05/2020 the H/S vessel SPEEDRUNNER 3 will execute itinerary as follows:
SATURDAY 02/05/2020: PIRAEUS (07:30)  – SERIFOS (10:00 – 10:10) – SIFNOS (10:40-10:50) – MILOS (11:50-12:05) – SIFNOS (13:05-13:15) – SERIFOS (13:45-13:55) – PIRAEUS (16:25) .

The itinerary is available for bookings.

13/09/19 – Announcement – cancellation of itineraries due to weather conditions

Due to severe weather conditions which are predicted to prevail starting late afternoon on Friday 13/9/19, the schedule for SPEEDRUNNER 3 will not operate from the islands of Serifos, Sifnos and Milos to Piraeus. For the same reason, the scheduled itinerary for Saturday 14/9/19 from Piraeus to Serifos Sifnos Milos, will be cancelled
The speedrunner 3 will operate the scheduled itinerary on saturday 14/9/19 from Milos to Sifnos, Serios, Piraeus. right after the lifting of the sailing restrictions. Concerning the exact time of departure, the passengers will be notified with a new press release or by the local agencies, or on our website.

27/06/19 – New commercial partnership with MINOAN LINES

AEGEAN SPEED LINES is pleased to announce its new commercial partnership with MINOAN LINES.

More specifically, passengers traveling in return combining routes from both companies will enjoy sales provided by MINOAN LINES’s commercial policy. For more information, passengers should contact the central agencies of the two companies or www.minoan.gr.

06/05/19 – Unexecuted itinerary on 06.05.19 due to adverse weather conditions

Aegean Speed Lines informs its passengers that due to the adverse weather conditions that are expected today 06.05.2019, the itinerary of our vessel H/S SPEEDRUNNER 3 from Piraeus to Serifos – Sifnos – Milos and back to Piraeus will not be executed.

The H/S SPEEDRUNNER 3 will return to its scheduled program on Wednesday 08.05.2019.

25/10/18 – Itineraries of 2019

Aegean Speed Lines announces that the itineraries of 2019 to Serifos, Sifnos and Mílos with H/S SPEEDRUNNER 3 are available.

Passengers are able to get informed about the days and timetables of the schedules from the company’s website.