02/04/2020 – Press release: Modification of tickets cancellation policy


Aegean Speed ​​Lines informs that due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the decision taken by the public authorities of our country to restrict travel, and the subsequent cancellation of our routes for April, combined with the fact that the our offices for safety reasons currently operate with the least personnel , our cancellation policy is modified as from today 02/04/2020.

From now on, all tickets issued for travel within 2020, instead of the cancellation option, will have to be converted into  Open Tickets with the option to be replaced and  used for traveling on any of our routes up to 31/12/2022 at no extra cost to the passenger.

A prerequisite for the above replacement option to be valid, is that tickets must be converted to open prior to the scheduled travel date in 2020.
Let us hope that this difficult situation will come to an end as soon as possible with the least possible consequences for our societies.